Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ROI at IOD 2013, Some numbers for your boss

The Information On Demand conference 2013 is a good month away and it is time to register. There is the IBM IOD Hub at IBMIODHUB.com to share information in advance of the conference, during it, and later report on all the stuff you missed (and some marketing of course... :). The following infographic is from that side and lists some reasons why to attend and why your money-conscious boss should send you there (I have to talk with my bosses now).

At past conferences I successfully did some product certifications, visited hands-on labs (actually teaching them), and had good technical sessions that provided new insights into existing products and showed technical directions and technology trends (what to prepare for, what to investigate, etc.). And most importantly, maybe not to emphasize when talking with your boss, is what is listed on the lower right: FUN.
Top Five Reasons Infographic.jpg