Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New page with DB2 pureScale-related acronyms

I started a new permanent page with DB2 pureScale-related acronyms. This is some work in progress as I plan to add links and some more terms. However, as I was searching for such a list, I wanted to point you to it as early as possible. Let me know which other terms to add.


Newbie said...

Hi, I'm a newbie to DB2 and have to install 10.1 Fix Pack 2. The DB2 DBA is on vacay and I have never installed a fix pack. How easy or difficult it is? Will the databases need to be restarted or the server rebooted? I can't seem to find any info other than run the setup.exe from ibm's site. Any gothcas or things to look out for? Any advice is much appreciated as I have to get this done soon! Thanks!

Henrik Loeser said...

your question does not really relate to the topic in this post. I could point you to instructions for applying a FP.
However, without knowing more about the environment and the situation my advise is to NEVER EVER try to touch a database system (in production) if you don't know what you are doing.



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