Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IBM PureData follows PureFlex and PureApplication Systems

IBM PureData System for Transactions and IBM PureData System for Analytics are two new categories of IBM's expert integrated systems, the so-called PureSystems.

The PureData System for Transactions is built on the DB2 pureScale technology and hence provides scalability and operational continuity. Using DB2's SQL compatibility mode it is also an attractive offer for customers wishing to move away from Oracle database systems.
The PureData System for Analytics actually distinguishes between Analytics and Operational Analytics. The former is built using Netezza technology, the later follows the tradition of InfoSphere Warehouse and IBM Smart Analytics System.

The common benefit of all three new systems is that they provide simplification from A-Z, starting from procurement (one HW/SW piece only) over getting ready for production (my colleagues are claiming hours) to maintenance/administration. They all integrate best practices (like those found here) from experience in the field when working with customers.

BTW: The new systems are nothing for you if you like to fiddle around with OS and DB2 configuration paramaters and want to personally tune everything. That was already done by IBM experts.