Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DB2 Information Center: English, deutsch, español, italiano, etc.

Today I discovered an interesting feature of the DB2 Information Center that I will now use often. As all of you know, the DB2 Information Center is available in many languages and the content is displayed according to the preferred language setting of your browser. The DB2 Information Center even has a page on how to set this up. However, when I work with customers or partners in a different country or I don't even use my machine, switching languages requires some clicks.

So I was very positively surprised and happy to find out that I can just specify a "lang=xx" (xx being the country code) parameter to the base URL of the DB2 Information Center. Thus with one of the following URLs you have the Information Center in
Now using a specific language is simpler which allows for faster cross-checking of wording between your language and the English version of the DB2 Information Center.