Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another year passed by: Energy consumption in a passive house

In the first year of living in the new house I kind of read the energy meters more or less weekly, then it turned into bi-weekly to monthly activity. The past year I looked at the meters mostly during the Winter months and almost forgot to read them out last weekend when another year had passed. When you look at the energy consumption, there are surprising numbers:

2012 2011 2010 2009
Household (kWh) 2597 2605 2473 2244
Heating/Ventilation/Water (kWh) 2713 2713 2858 2782

Even though the past year was a leap year (and had a leap second!!!) the consumption was the same. I had hoped to have a smaller number, but we had some very chilly weeks in February. Household consumption has also stayed constant with most consumers now in place. Most of it should come from cooking, laundry and my home office with computer, monitor, phones, etc.

Our house does not have a smart meter where you can track consumption online and real-time. However, I talked with some "owners" and the bottom line is that after the first few weeks they barely make use of it. It is similar to reading our old-fashioned meters more frequently in the beginning to learn and look for exceptions. Then leaning back once everything seems to run smoothly. Any similarities to a well-tuned database system and regular workloads...?