Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NoSQL, SPARQL, RDF, Graph Store, and more buzzwords - all new in DB2 10

One of the smaller headlines during the DB2 10 announcement was the "NoSQL Graph Store". In the "What is new" section of the DB2 Information Center it is listed as "RDF application development support has been added". However, if you work in/with the Semantic Web, it is an important addition as it provides some robust and performant infrastructure. In the following, I will point you to some resources around SPARQL and RDF stores in DB2.

As the data can be represented in XML, a question about support for graph stores is actually a question that pops up from time to time in DB2 pureXML discussions. For those searching for a combination of the buzzwords and DB2, the search engines should now point you to the right pages... ;-)