Thursday, April 26, 2012

DB2 and important stuff my smartphone can do...

My smartphone can do a lot of cool stuff (and I won't tell you whether it is Android-based or an iPhone). I can make calls on it, I can check and write emails, get directions within cities I travel to, I can listen to music, take and watch pictures, use it for boarding airplanes or trains (mobile ticket), and I can read interesting blog posts on the upcoming DB2 10:

Last but not least, my smartphone has two advanced features that I will use over the following days:
It has this tiny power button that I will use to turn it off over the weekend. And finally it has a calendar and alarm function: DB2 10 will be available on April 30th, this next Monday. My alarm is set, so I can download DB2, access the Information Center with details on the cool new stuff. Yes, DB2 is cool, too...


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