Monday, December 5, 2011

WMD: Weapon of mass destruction? No, Workload Multiuser Driver!

When you hear of WMD, for many of you a term other than Workload Multiuser Driver may come up first. But it is the term and hence the acronym the team over at the Sourceforge project working on this add-on to the DB2 Technology Explorer chose. The WMD is a RESTful web service which allows multiple users to concurrently run different workloads against DB2 and WMD can be controlled from the Technology Explorer.

This is of course interesting when you want to showcase certain features of DB2. However, as the WMD is a component of its own and can be downloaded as such, it is also one of the options to set up your own performance or system tests. And this brings me to the question I was recently asked: What free workload drivers do you know of for DB2?

In addition to the WMD there is also a workload driver in the TPoX (Transaction Processing over XML data) benchmark, another Sourceforge project for DB2. It cannot be downloaded separately, but it is documented and can be adapted to your own needs.

What other free workload drivers do you know of, which ones do you prefer?