Thursday, July 14, 2011

Energy consumption for another year in our passive house

A third year of keeping the tab of our energy consumption has passed. Luckily, even with changing weather and sometimes frosty days, the kilowatt hours that we used over the past 12 months stayed almost the same. I had reported about the previous year last July. So how what do the energy meters say this year?

  • Household consumption: 2605 kWh (2010: 2473 kWh, 2009: 2244 kWh)
  • Heating/ventilation/water: 2713 kWh (2010: 2858 kWh, 2009:  2782 kWh)
As you can see, we used slightly more electric energy in our household, but slightly less for heating and ventilation. Our kids are growing and we need to cook more, they stay up longer (needing electric light in the Winter), they started listening to music, etc. (yeah, blame the kids). On the other hand, my home office requires more electricity, but I travel more often which keeps a balance.

Let's see where we stand next year. I would be happy with small changes only as we have seen this year. What is your consumption?