Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smart Vacation and Smarter Systems

Well, where do I start today? I was on vacation for 11 days and managed to (mostly) stay away from computers and phones. It was kind of relaxing to not keep track of the IT world. Let's call it "smart vacation". On the downside I now know what is meant with Lymphangitis. The scary part is that someone can contract it while working in the garden and being stung by an insect.

While I was relaxing, IBM announced new systems to help their customers relax a little bit. The tag line is "Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet". It's a line of workload optimized systems, i.e., systems (HW / SW stack) that are designed for a specific workload. The IBM pureScale Application System is optimized for transactional workloads, the new IBM Smart Analytics System versions 5600 and 9600 for analytical workloads. The new IBM Smart Analytics System extend the concept from the already supported System p to System x AND System z.

I will write more about the new systems in the coming weeks after getting back into my regular routine.