Sunday, June 21, 2009

So many reasons to...

When it is weekend and family time you need really good reasons to get to your computer and download the new DB2 9.7. Thus, you mention things like:
  • The extended compression features (index compression, XML compression, compression of temp tables) will allow me to reduce the clutter on my desk.
  • With the improved autonomic feature I will have more family time (but first I need to download and install it).
  • pureXML support for database partitioning, range partitioning, and multi-dimensional clustering let me allow to store even more recipes for you (in XML format of course) and analyze them.
  • ...
At this time I have to leave (family time before a business trip), so please finish for me. What reasons would you mention? Let me know...

BTW: Here is the link to the DB2 9.7 download site.


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