Saturday, November 11, 2017

Latest News on Bluemix and IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud News
Sometimes it's quite hard to keep an overview of what is going on with the IBM Cloud. I had been out on vacation and needed to catch up. Want to learn with me? Here is some of the latest news for Bluemix and IBM Cloud for some weekend reading:
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

EU Cloud: IBM gives client full control over their data

IBM Cloud: Have full control over your data
Today, IBM announced for December the roll-out of a new support model and capabilities for IBM Cloud. Based on the announcement IBM is in the process of adding more EU-based staff to provide 24x7 support from within the EU. It is also providing enhanced encryption capabilities. All is done to give clients full control over their data and to be better positioned to meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The IBM Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany, is the first to feature the enhancements. Quite exciting news as German, as European, as cloud user.

In my spare time, I am teaching "Introduction to Data Management" at a cooperative state university. I tell the students that, today, data is the / a core asset of any business. It is a critical resource that needs to be protected and managed with care. Hence, putting data security at the core of platform design is important. The blog "Why a data-first approach is critical to designing and building secure cloud services" gives a great introduction into what needs to be considered for building a secure cloud platform. It touches everything from the isolation and encryption of resources and access control to monitoring, audit and governance. I covered some of the same aspects in my blog "Securing Workloads on IBM Cloud".

That's all for now. I can't wait to give a test drive once it is available. If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions about this post, please reach out to me on Twitter (@data_henrik) or LinkedIn.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cloud Foundry Logging Sources Deciphered

Ever deployed a cloud foundry app and ran into errors? I did and still do. My typical reaction is to request the recent app logs and to analyse them for the root cause. The logs contain those strange (if you don't know them) codes, e.g., RTR, STG, APP, PROC, WEB or more. Here is how to decipher them and use them to your advantage.
Happy Cloud Debugging

The codes above denote the Cloud Foundry component emitting the log entry. You can find a list of those component identifiers in the Cloud Foundry documentation or in the IBM Cloud (Bluemix) documentation on Log Sources. There are many component names. I found that remembering the following helps a lot:
  • RTR: This is the router which channels HTTP requests to an app. Here you find information about the request itself including client information.
  • STG: The staging phase has details about the deployment and restaging of an app. They help with initial errors.
  • APP: If your app writes information to stderr or stdout, then you will find it here. For some apps this could be the well-known "printf debugging".
The log entries have either an OUT if the information is from stdout or ERR if from stderr. Else there is not much to remember. Happy Debugging. If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions about this post, please reach out to me on Twitter (@data_henrik) or LinkedIn.


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