Monday, June 26, 2017

More Tips and Tricks for Building Chatbots

Chatbot Architecture
You build your first chatbot and it is working ok. Did you know that you can make chatbots even more interactive? That you can access conversation metadata and application variables inside the dialog nodes? You can even use predicates to tailor output to the usage scenario. As a follow up from our “Lessons and Tips from a Chatbot Hackathon“, let’s dig deeper into important features of the IBM Watson Conversation service on the IBM Cloud with Bluemix.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DB2 Security: Privilege(d) Insight

DB2 Security
Today's blog entry is about an old topic: Who I am, why I am and what I am (allowed) to do? Users and their privileges are at the core of database security. Information about them are stored in the IBM DB2 catalog (or IBM ashDB catalog) which can be queried. Thus, it is good to know your way around and being able to extract that information. Kind of as a reference for myself, here is a summary.

I already covered parts of this topic in the past:

What is important to know is how to extract the information from the catalog:

Friday, June 2, 2017

EgoBot: Fun with a Slightly Mutating ChatBot

Fun with the Bluemix EgoBot
Over the past day and evening I had some fun with a slightly mutating chatbot. The API for the IBM Watson Conversation service offers REST calls to query and change the workspace, the parts that make up a chat. So why not try writing a chatbot that is egocentric? A chatbot that answers questions about itself, that is happy as long as everything is related to itself? Well, let me tell you about this fun project I call EgoBot.

The EgoBot is at an early stage right now. It supports queries about some of its metadata and adding new intents. And it has both an English and a German version (does language change its character...?). You can see a sample session below.

Chatting with the Bluemix EgoBot
To find out more about this chatbot head over to the EgoBot GitHub repository. The bot is written in Python and has everything to get you started with either an English or German conversation. Let me know about your Friday fun.


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