Friday, April 11, 2014

DB2 Quiz: Find the website for this screenshot

Today's DB2 quiz is not that technical, but it requires that you are up-to-date on IBM's offerings for DB2. What is the context for this screenshot? On which website did I take it?

Probably easy to solve for you guys. Enjoy the weekend.

Monday, April 7, 2014

50 Years of IBM Mainframe: The Art of Selling

IBM (and the world) are celebrating 50 years of mainframe, "Make the Extraordinary possible". To honor the mainframe, I want to point you to a series of IBM-produced videos from few years back. The series is labelled "THE MAINFRAME: The Art of the Sale", featuring real IBMers and lots of wisdom...

Lesson One:

Lesson Two:

Lesson Three:

Lesson Four:

Lesson Five:

Lesson Six:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

(SOLVED) DB2 Quiz: What function do I call?

Today, it is time for another DB2 quiz. I am going to present you the output of a DB2 function:


  1 record(s) selected.

Which built-in function did return this result? I invoked the function this way "values funcname", no parameters were involved. The function was added to DB2 in version 10.1.

Added on April 3rd:
As you can see from the comments, the quiz has been solved. I called the administrative function ADMIN_GET_INTRA_PARALLEL(). The function returns either YES or NO depending on whether the database application will run with intraparallel parallelism enabled or not. In DB2 10.1 several enhancements were made to exploiting parallelism. In addition to the database manager (dbm) switch INTRA_PARALLEL to enable or disable parallelism, it is also possible to call the new procedure ADMIN_SET_INTRA_PARALLEL() to configure parallelism for a specific connection.


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