Monday, September 25, 2017

2017 IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

IDUG EMEA 2017 Conference
The EMEA edition of the IDUG Db2 Tech Conference is around the corner, staring the coming Sunday. I am going to talk about Db2 Security on Monday, October 2nd, in session D2 and give a guided tour of the Db2 Catalog on Thursday, October 5th, in session E18. In addition, you can find me on the expert panel for the application development track on Wednesday. What other session do I recommend or plan to visit? Here we go...

There basically too many good, great and superb sessions to choose from at an IDUG conference. Moreover, you can attend free workshop, panel sessions, have fun with SQL and more. So, prepare your days at IDUG EMEA in advance by using the downloadable agenda, the agenda search or the IDUG app. I will be busy with my 3 sessions mentioned above and have marked my calendar for these sessions:
What are your recommendations? Let me know.


Michael Tiefenbacher said...

Hi Henrik,
my focus is a little different - I'am more SQL focussed and recommend Calisto Zuzarte's session D8 "Query Writing Tips". Also George Baklarz's Db2 11.1 SQL Enhancements might be a good choice if you did not have time to study all the details of Db2 11.1 yet & George's Db2Demo program is really helpful.
For BLU Monitoring - David Kalmuk is the right man - also showing lots of useful SQLs to monitor your database.
Finally I hope to see SQL interested folks in my session C3 :-)

best regards

Henrik Loeser (data_henrik) said...

Hi Michael,
thank you for sharing your recommendations. It is always interesting to see the different interests and that IDUG conferences something for everyone. I am looking forward to meeting you in Lisboa.



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