Wednesday, April 12, 2017

DB2 Easter Egg Quiz - Kind of

Are you ready for a new DB2 quiz? Here is a tricky question for you. It is about DB2 security, it is (kind of) hardware-related and deals with a relatively new DB2 feature. Curious...?

The following shows the output of a DB2 tool, shipped with your regular DB2 LUW these days:

Keystore Password:
Password successfully stashed to db2_pkcs11_pwd.sth

xxxxx completed sucessfully.

Have a clue? (The "xxxxx" is replacing the name of the db2 tool). If you know the answer, comment and also paste the link to the page in DB2 Knowledge Center describing that tool. I will publish the comments in the next few days.


Ember said...

Is it db2credman?

Henrik Loeser (data_henrik) said...

Yup, you are right. How did you learn about db2credman? Are you using HSM or tested them?


Ember said...

Not using it, but ran across db2credman while researching for a presentation at the DB2 Symposium. I find interesting things just searching and reading the Knowledge Center. I am using Native Encryption with local keystore.


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