Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DB2, I love you!

Today is Valentine's Day and - my wife is hopefully not reading this blog entry - time to say "I love you" to DB2. I love that you are so uncomplicated. You take care of memory management on your own, you are so resource-conscious, so versatile! You store things away in a fraction of space I would have needed. I know you understand me, regardless of whether I speak SQL, XPath, XQuery, SQL/PL, PL/SQL, etc. You don't even mind if I use an Oracle dialect. And you are resilient and you continue, even when I am down.

And best of all, you already have thought of flowers, they are built in.


dr_te_z said...

Funny. I like the "FLWOR" expressions :)
Is the "valentine's day" finding its way into the german culture as well or is it your 7 years in tibe... eh.. USA?

Henrik Loeser said...

Valentine's Day is present in Germany, but not as strong as in the USA. "Love is everywhere..." :)

BTW: First the expressions were FLWR (really pronounced "flower"), then "order by" was added.


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