Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pure and free: Test pureXML on pureScale

You probably already know that there is a feature for XML data processing in DB2 which is called pureXML. You also know there is a continuous availability and scale-out feature for DB2 called pureScale. And I won't talk about pureQuery today. But did you know that pureXML is supported on pureScale? Did you know that you can request access to the so-called pureScale Acceleration Kits and try it out yourself (for free)?

I recently was instructor for a pureScale Workshop and one of the attending companies reported that they built their own small pureScale system. Such a mini system - we often refer to them as nanoClusters (or here) - has all the features of a real cluster, but only costs few hundred dollars/Euros in hardware and you have your own pureScale system. If you want to "go high-end", you could request a proof of concept/proof of technology at one of the IBM locations. But in either case, test drive  pureXML on pureScale...


jmueller said...

Hi Henrik,

Has the new pureScale Acceleration Kit FP3 which suports pureXML? My last Kit is deliverd with FP2. I will request the new Kit.

Thanks for the tip and

Best regards,

Henrik Loeser said...

Hi Joachim,

the kit is now on FP3 and has pureXML included.

Best regards,


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